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Chloe, The Warwick School & Reigate College – original WOW project team member

“Helping to come up with a creative design for this website has been an amazing experience. Being part of a team that is creative and committed to the website is again amazing. Knowing that this website is to help people like me and are my age has made me feel passionate about and thankful that I am allowed to be a part of something so meaningful. I had a great time meeting and having the chance to interview employers that want to help our age group.”

Irshaad, Blenheim High School – original WOW project team member

“This experience has inspired me not to just wait for things to happen, but to be confident that I can do it myself.”

Freya, Blenheim High School – original WOW project team member

“I really enjoyed working with people I did not know before as it helped boost my confidence.  I gained lots of new skills especially team working and communication.”

Zach, Ashcombe School – original WOW project team member

“This has been a great opportunity for me to have an input in designing a public website. I enjoyed spending time making content and themes for the sight along with other designers as well as reviewing and changing & editing the site.  As well as that I had a great time interviewing the employers to get accurate answers to important questions that could potentially help many people in acquiring a job. I believe this website is an amazing resource for young people in the Gatwick Diamond area who require assistance getting and keeping job and I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to do this.”

Max, Ashcombe School – original WOW project team member

“I have had a great time working with the team to make this micro-site. I feel I have learnt a lot about business and employment which I hope will be shared by the users of this site.”

Robbie, Ashcombe School – original WOW project team member

“I’ve had a great time doing the Gatwick Diamond project. I think it has given me a real insight to how the world of employment works and has given me a great experience. And I hope that the micro-site will be able to pass the knowledge I have gained on to others.”

Dan, Ashcombe School – original WOW project team member

“Being part of the Gatwick Diamond micro-site project has been a very enjoyable experience and I have learned a lot about the world of work and business. I particularly enjoyed the discussions we had and working as a team developing the initial ideas of the site and over the course of the next few weeks seeing our ideas come to life.”

Rosemary French, OBE – Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Initiative

‘Young people need the best advice and guidance as they make decisions regarding their first steps to a career.  Their preferred route to information nowadays is online and the World of Work website is designed by the young to appeal to the young. Their job fulfilment will be increased as a result.’

Stuart Ketley, Head of Upper School at Ashcombe School.

“It has been an absolute pleasure seeing first-hand the resources that the four Ashcombe students have been part of designing and listening to their thoughts of their contributions over the past few months.  Taking part in this project has given them the opportunity to develop employability skills and teamwork and all participants have commented on how much they have taken from the project and how much they have enjoyed the experience.”

Maria Stockley, Leader of Enterprise at Blenheim High School

“As someone who feels passionately about preparing students for the realities of life after school I am always keen to become involved in projects which bring students closer to the world of work. I our students really enjoyed the whole experience. It was a privilege to see how well they interacted with the employers and mixed with students from the other schools/colleges. Their confidence level grew and grew. I am looking forward to being able to see the resource being used in school and use the contacts I have made to enhance my teaching in the future. I would relish the chance to be involved in such projects again.”

Cllr Eddy Humphreys, Executive Member for Economy and Jobs at Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

This is a unique partnership involving employers, students and local authorities and it’s fantastic to see what everyone has achieved.  We have a great commitment to young people in our borough, demonstrated by our own Young workers Scheme, and I believe that World of Work will provide them with the information, inspiration and tools to find rewarding careers where they can achieve their full potential.”

Jack Kent, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Jellyfish

‘As a vibrant digital marketing agency, Jellyfish always seek to engage enthusiastic, talented people and help develop meaningful long-term careers. We are proud to have been selected to share our experiences of how best to approach the ‘World of Work’ in this fantastic local project’

Lynne Skinner, Senior Young Enterprise Manager – South East

‘The launch event was fantastic, a great resource, badly needed and put together by young people who will benefit along with many others, in a big way.’