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So, you’ve decided to search for a job!  But, where are you going to look?  Whatever stage you’re at – at school, in college or about to leave – WOW is here to guide you.      

Did you know? As of summer 2013, all young people in England are now required to stay in learning until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17, and from September 2015 will be required to stay on until their 18th birthday! Read more about changes to the participation age. Learning doesn’t just mean staying at school or college.  It could mean getting an apprenticeship, finding a job with training or working and studying at the same time!

Hang on a minute! There are laws in place to protect you if you want to work before you are 16 years old. They restrict the hours and type of work you can do. Also, employment law treats young people under the age of 18 differently from adults. Don’t forget if you’re doing a weekend or evening job and are still under 16 you must inform the local council and obtain a work permit to do so. Without it you are working illegally and are not insured. Read more information specifically for young workers.

World of Work is here to support everybody, and if you are disabled and would benefit from some additional support then you may find some useful information here.

Finally, back to job hunting

These days, there are so many different ways to find employment and work based learning.  However, they fit into the following categories:

Not quite sure what career might suit you best?

We’ve found a couple of quizzes that might help you!

  1. The Big Bang Careers have a short quiz which is especially useful if you like Science, Technology Engineering or Maths (STEM)
  2. Or maybe you’d like to take this career quiz which is more general.