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Business and Financial Services

The Gatwick Diamond has a large Business and Financial Services sector with a huge variety of roles within it, some customer facing and some in a back office environment. You’d expect to need organisational skills, business sense and skill with numbers to do these jobs, but you also need people skills too.
business noun
  1. A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.
  2. An activity that someone is engaged in.
  1. (noun) The management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large companies.
  2. (verb) Provide funding for (a person or enterprise).
banking noun
  1. The business conducted or services offered by a bank.
  2. The occupation of a banker: “to pursue a banking career”.
insurance noun
  1. A practice by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment.
  2. The business of providing such an arrangement.

If you’d like to hear what the Managing Director of Corporate Banking for the Royal Bank of Scotland says in his interview with the Take OFF Crew, click here.

Here are some examples of entry level jobs in this sector:

If you’re continuing into further or higher education, please click here to see many other options available to you.

You can also watch other employers in this sector talking about employability skills with the BEACH team in Brighton & Hove and the Pathway team in Coastal West Sussex

Remember. . . you can always get a job in Sales, Marketing, IT, Human Resources and Finance in any sector.