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Health & Social Care

Jobs in the Health & Social Care sector in the Gatwick Diamond are predicted to grow and local organisations are already finding it difficult to find enough staff.  So if you have a caring personality and a passion for helping people through all stages of their lives, then this might be a career option for you.

health noun

  1. The state of being free from illness or injury: he was restored to health.

social adjective

  1. Relating to society or its organisation

care noun

  1. The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something: ‘the care of the elderly’, ‘the child is in the care of her grandparents’ or ‘health care’

In fact, latest figures show that Health is top sector in which the most people are in employed in Surrey.

The job opportunities in this sector are growing.  From childcare, to care for the elderly, to working in local hospitals or residential homes – nursesdoctors, carers, midwives, technicians, emergency staff and medical experts are all in high demand.

Did you know that some companies will give you full accredited training or offer apprenticeships in the healthcare sector? Allied Healthcare is one of them – watch the video below to find out the key skills and attributes Penny looks for when recruiting…

Allied Healthcare advertise their local vacancies through a partnership with – to see all current vacancies in the Care Industry click here

Here are some examples of entry level jobs in this sector:

If you’re continuing into further or higher education, please click here or even here to see many other options available to you.

Remember. . . you can always get a job in Sales, Marketing, IT, Human Resources and Finance in any sector.

For more information on jobs in the Health and Social Care check out the teams at Pathway, BEACH and Take OFF.