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What employers want

Gatwick Diamond employers want you to demonstrate that you have employability skills. Some of them might want to see specific qualifications. ALL of them will want to see evidence of ‘soft skills’.

question-mark  What are ‘Soft Skills’?

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills or people skills, are the personal qualities that characterise a person’s relationships with other people. They include communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, common sense, creative problem solving, a sense of humour, strategic thinking, team building, influencing skills and selling skills, to name a few.

In the workplace, soft skills are often considered to be as important as hard skills, which refer to a person’s knowledge and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity. Whereas hard skills can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are more difficult to acquire and change. Read more on this article about soft skills.

We asked Rosemary French OBE, Executive Director of Gatwick Diamond Initiative, her opinion on employability skills.  What skills do you think she rates as important?  Watch the video to find out….

It’s often said that hard skills on your CV will get you an interview but you need soft skills to get (and keep) the job.


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